Audiophiles are people who love high-quality music output. They want their music at a very high quality that is close to the original performance. And to satisfy this purpose, they spend thousands of dollars in buying high-fidelity audio components. They try to purchase special music recordings which are made with high music quality. These recordings could be the re-issued recordings or the recordings which are available in the high resolution formats like DVD-Audio or Super Audio CD.

There are various stages of music production like the initial stage of audio recording, the production process stage and the playback stage. The playback stage is usually done in a home setting and the audiophile values are applied in all the three stages. High-end audio products are high quality and expensive audio products which are used in the reproduction of the music. These products are available at audio specialists stores.

The audiophile headphones are the headphones that give high quality music output. These headphones are a muse to the audiophiles. The price of these headphones range between $60-$1700. However there are also some audiophiles who would not mind spending more than $14000 on the headphones. The Sennheiser HE-90 headphones cost more than $14000 and $16000. The headphones are used for personal hearing unlike a speaker system. Audiophile speakers are much costlier than the audiophile speakers that only cost a small fraction of the audiophile speaker system. However the speaker systems need various room adjustments for proper music output, and various noise regulations have to be followed so as to not disturb the neighbors and the community with high audio output.

So the audiophile headphones are always the best option to enjoy your music with great quality and output. Audiophi9les can use their headphones comfortably at workplace or at home without disturbing the neighbors and roommates. Some audiophile headphones also claim that they can give much better quality than any Hi-Fi speaker system. The Sennheiser model headphones are high-end headphones that come with many sophisticated internal equipment. They are large headphones that deliver high quality sound. These headphones consume a lot of power so they usually need separate amplifiers, thus making them very inaccessible to the general public. The stereo phones that are used by the general public are designed to play MP3s and for the use in a laptop. Though they are very easy to use, they do not provide the same audio quality as he audiophile headphones. And they do not isolate the outside noise like the audiophile Best Audiophile Headphones for Gaming.

The audiophile headphones are designed to block all exterior noise. The speakers come with a thick layer of foam that not only give comfort and cover your ears completely but create an illusion of space to give high quality audio output. Canal phones also provide isolation from all outside sounds. They fit directly into your ear canal like ear plugs. They usually block about 20-25dB of outside noise. And with much lesser volume they deliver high quality sounds. The canal phones require much less power compared to the others.